Tricks for Staying Safe on Craigslist

There are many methods to stay safe on Craigslist, nonetheless it is especially necessary to use practical when working with strangers. You should never offer any private information to an anonymous individual. In addition , make sure to meet in a well-lit, heavily trafficked place. Never match in the home of somebody you realized on Craigslist ads, and if you must meet within a public place, do so in a busy parking lot.

If you plan to acquire something via a stranger on Your local craigslist ads, make sure you satisfy in a people place. Especially if you’re investing in something high-priced, make sure you connect with in a restaurant or other general public place. No longer give out your own card information to a new person on the Net, even if you don’t know them well. If you don’t have the funds readily available, consider applying PayPal. This payment technique has no credit check requirements, and you can pay for through your PayPal account.

Posting your telephone number on Your local craigslist ads is risky as it invites con artists and identification theft. Use a Google Tone number instead. This will allow you to accept phone calls and texts by a different number. Also, use an email address that protects the identity. Craigslist ads offers proksy email which you can use for your messages. If you are uncertain of somebody’s identity, you must move on to an alternative post. It is best to stay specialist when buying or selling on Craigslist. Tend expect to make friends.

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